The End of an Episode of Politics of Hatred (1)

Since 2018 TunDM is ready to cooperate with DSAI a person he regarded previously (since 1998) as a person he considers as amoral and unfit to be a future Prime Minister . On his part DatukSAI, previously gave the title of ‘the Mighty Pharaoh’ meaning a cruel despot. It may be a big u-turn but at least, with the rapprochement between them, we see the end of an episode of politics of hatred between the two personalities which also divided the country into two opposing camps. Perhaps, we should be thankful?

Published by Dr Abdollah Salleh

I am a retired surgeon, currently offering consultancy services in Information Management in Health Care Services. My interests and experience have been in patient care, quality management, clinical governance, medical education and information management (among other things). I served as a doctor in primary, secondary and tertiary care with the Ministry of Health Malaysia from 1977 to 2011. I am a life member of the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health, Malaysia; a society I helped establish and served as a Hospital Accreditation surveyor for many years. I served as invited lecturer and taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at various medical faculties (UITM, UKM and USM) in Malaysia. At Hospital Selayang, Malaysia, I was Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Committee, the Clinical-IT Coordinator and Quality Coordinator, for close to 10 years. I helped implement computerized hospital information systems in several hospitals. I graduated with MBBS from University of Malaya in 1977. I was (but has since ceased to be) a fellow by examination of RCS Edinburgh and RCPS Glasgow. I am contactable by e-mail at:

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